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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Blonde Girl in the Safety Dance video You have to know that there exists a small group of people in the world (including myself), who is desperately trying to harvest information that could be useful to seek the identity of this delightful ‘lunatic’ blonde girl, who appears in the video of the landmark song Safety Dance by the Men Without Hats. Everything started thanks to Guanolad and his surprising documentary on this video: This is where the research has started. Now you can share information on Facebook, by joining the group “Fans of the girl in the Safety Dance Video”, created by Greg, the driving force of this movement. So, please, if you think you can share some precious info (or even if you just want to shout “Holy shit, I love that girl too!”), just join the Group, or look at the discussion in the About section of this blog. Lots of things have been done, nobody seems to know who she is, and sometimes it’s hard to receive any answer. But if our voice gets louder there is hope that we will manage to contact her.



Her identity has been disclosed in the MWH Facebook page. More info in the fans page by Greg mentioned above.

Louise now


[NOTE]: Q – What does she say in the song?   A – Obviously… Dansez!   {link1}{link2}
[PS]: …and who’s that nice little dog in the Safety Dance video?


READ IT: The Mystery of the Manic Safety Dancer.



I’d be able to list no more then 4 or 5 songs by Nirvana to which I am not in debt of life.
Tourette’s, Aneurysm, Lounge Act, Negative Creep, Sappy, About a Girl, Very Ape Oh God bless those three guys.
Let’s pick one track which I particularly feel mine, and which is not particularly well known.

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Forever Alone

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[…] The analysis of data inevitably involves some trafficking with the field of statistics, that grey area which is as surely not a branch of mathematics as it is neither a branch of science. In the following sections, you will repeatedly encounter the following paradigm:

· apply some formula to the data to compute “a statistic”
· compute where the value of that statistic falls in a probability distribution that is computed on the basis of some “null hypothesis”
· if it falls in a very unlikely spot, way out on a tail of the distribution, conclude that the null hypothesis is false for your data set

If a statistic falls in a reasonable part of the distribution, you must not make the mistake of concluding that the null hypothesis is “verified” or “proved”. That is the curse of statistics, that it can never prove things, only disprove them! At best, you can substantiate a hypothesis by ruling out, statistically, a whole long list of competing hypothesis, every one that has ever been proposed. After a while your adversaries and competitors will give up trying to think of alternative hypothesis, or else they will grow old and die, and then your hypothesis will become accepted. Sounds crazy, we know, but that’s how science works!

Numerical Recipes, §13.0 – Press et al.

Amazing sense of despair.
Every time I listen to this song I feel like giving up any f***ing thing I’m doing at that moment.

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I guess that when I’ll be 35 I will cry like a baby just after the first seconds of this song.

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Thank God, Billie Corgan is there to bring you back to adolescence.

— Thru the Eyes of Ruby

Wrap me in always, and drag me in with maybes
Your innocence is treasure, your innocence is death
Your innocence is all I have.

Breathing underwater, and living under glass.

And if you spin your love around
The secrets of your dreams
You may find your love is gone
And is not quite what it seemed
To appear to disappear
Beneath all your darkest fears.

I believe in never, I believe in all the way
But belief is not to notice, belief is just some faith
And faith can’t help you to escape

And with this ring I wed thee true
And with this ring I wed thee now
And with this ring I play so dead
But no one’s asking for the truth, so let me tell you
If you spin your love around
The secrets of your dreams
You may find your love is gone
And is not quite what it seemed
To appear to disappear
Beneath all your darkest fears

To the revelations of fresh faced youth
No one will come to save you
So speak your peace in the murmurs drawn
But youth is wasted on the young!

Your strength is my weakness, your weakness my hate
My love for you just can’t explain
Why we’re forever frozen, forever beautiful,
Forever lost inside ourselves.

The night has come to hold us young.

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Just found out how pleasant is Ari Up’s voice to me,
and then I realize she just passed away last year.
Rest in peace.

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