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Blonde Girl in the Safety Dance video You have to know that there exists a small group of people in the world (including myself), who is desperately trying to harvest information that could be useful to seek the identity of this delightful ‘lunatic’ blonde girl, who appears in the video of the landmark song Safety Dance by the Men Without Hats. Everything started thanks to Guanolad and his surprising documentary on this video: This is where the research has started. Now you can share information on Facebook, by joining the group “Fans of the girl in the Safety Dance Video”, created by Greg, the driving force of this movement. So, please, if you think you can share some precious info (or even if you just want to shout “Holy shit, I love that girl too!”), just join the Group, or look at the discussion in the About section of this blog. Lots of things have been done, nobody seems to know who she is, and sometimes it’s hard to receive any answer. But if our voice gets louder there is hope that we will manage to contact her.



Her identity has been disclosed in the MWH Facebook page. More info in the fans page by Greg mentioned above.

Louise now


[NOTE]: Q – What does she say in the song?   A – Obviously… Dansez!   {link1}{link2}
[PS]: …and who’s that nice little dog in the Safety Dance video?


READ IT: The Mystery of the Manic Safety Dancer.




  1. While this may indeed appear somewhat strange and obsessive, I too am quite interested in finding out who this magical-crazy-dancing-girl is! I’m pretty sure it’s half the reason this music video was such a one-hit wonder.

    Alas, it seems no answer has yet been reached to our search. Do please post the answer here if you ever find out though!

  2. Hi Alex,
    of course I will.
    Greg is telling me that the Facebook group is growing, however no answer came out yet.
    Crossing my fingers.

  3. I don’t even go for blondes, and I think she’s hot, well, 30yrs ago she was hot anyway.

  4. From an interview with Stefan Doroschuk of Men Without Hats:

    SD: I don’t think that there was a drinking party before, but I wasn’t there, the band was back at home rehearsing for the tour, and Ivan flew over to Bath, England on the Concorde to shoot the video, and then came right back the day after. I still get people emailing asking who she is, but we never even knew her name.

    • I learned that too.
      Thank you Michael for your support.

      (I want to believe)

  5. (!) UPDATE:
    Greg reports strong activity in the Facebook group [ “Fans of the girl in the Safety Dance Video” ].
    We should have her name: LOUISE.

  6. Yep! I did a bit of work contacting Tim Pope, the director of the music video, and he came back with some info which I shared with the group. Her name is indeed Louise.

    • Great Alex! God bless you.
      Keep on… and let’s cross fingers.

  7. Relevant updates from the Facobook group:
    this blonde girl, seemingly called Louise, is acting in “I Like” MWH song video too [ ] !

    Ivan himself has confirmed this.

    Tim Pope has directed both videos.
    Mike Edmonds is present in both videos too, as you can see.

  8. I know her well. I’ve has a drink with her this evening and I even took a photo.


    • God.. SG are you joking?
      Could you tell me more please..?
      There’s a lot of people out there who would like to know where she’s gone!!!

        • SG
        • Posted August 4, 2011 at 10:53
        • Permalink

        I can’t really tell you much more really – she doesn’t like being reminded of those times and she’ll kill me when she finds out I posted that photo! I can tell you that she’s not married but does have a fella and that she lives in the heart of the East Midlands. Oh, and she loves her horses.

  9. Wow. Is this truly not a joke? Good news, if so… Rather diasappointed how her appearance has changed, but I guess that’s what age and time can do!

  10. Does she have any idea that she has a “fan group” of sorts on here and on FB?

    I’m sorry I missed her photo, I’m sure she’s still lovey 25+ years later – she had a pretty much perfect face 🙂

  11. SG,
    thank you for your information.
    I really don’t mind her aspect, the real purpose was, as Heidi suggested, to let her know that she has a sort of fan group.
    Could you let her know this please? Even thuugh she doesn’t like being reminded of those times…
    t would be nice if she could answer directly here also. 🙂

  12. Hi, i’ve just read a post under the Youtube video of the song. I think it worths sharing:
    “She kinda looks like Cave Lady that roams around the Wal-Mart near Floyd Rd. & the EW Connector eating out of trash cans. I know out of 6 million views, someone will eventually read this and know exactly who I talking about. “

    • Floyd Road and the East-West Connector intersection is in Mableton, GA, a small suburb of Atlanta. I grew up a couple miles from there. But I’ve never seen a bag lady there. Anyhow, not in England, so….

  13. @Pierocampa – she is WELL aware that she has a fan base! I was chatting to her last night in fact in a pub near to where I live.

  14. @SG – I’m happy she knows about her fans, even if she doesn’t think much of the video itself – if you do chat with her again please tell her she made the Safety Dance my all-time favourite music video 😀

    You know, when so many people talk about an obscure little music video 25+ years later because of one very memorable performance, it had to have been something very special!

    I would LOVE to have been a fly on the wall when she found out about her fan base – her reaction must have been priceless 🙂

  15. ‘Louise’ knows the fact that she has a fan base. She really doesn’t like her past endeavours though.

  16. @SG:
    Thank you, you have been of key importance in our search.
    I didn’t know about previous fan bases. This one, born in the Guanolad’s blog and continued on Facebook, is pretty young (several months).

    Anyway, if you are true:
    :: then she is WELL aware of having fans all over the world;
    :: she is safe somewhere in the East Midlands;
    :: and she somehow regrets her past life.
    Happy ending?

    Even though she doesn’t like her past endeavours, I wonder whether you SG could ask her to just.. tell us something. Here or in the Facebook group, for example! 🙂

    It would be quite exciting, for me but I can bet for others as well.

    • Did Greg’s facebook fan page go away? The link above does not work nor can I find it by searching on Facebook.

      • Yes temporarily, now back online. Go and join! 😉

  17. I just wish she didn’t have regrets about her early work – such thoughts can only weigh her down and take away from the things she’s accomplished. It’s like someone who looks at herself critically for being 15 pounds overweight, while people from the outside instead see a lovely, curvaceous figure. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes.

    I think the only way he’d ever hear from her was if she made her peace with the past – some can, while for others it can be an anchor around their neck. I know no one here would belittle her for anything (besides, the only part of her past we know is her part in the video), but ultimately it’s a decision only she can make. If knowing she has an affectionate fan base can warm her heart and brighten her day even in the slightest degree, then I think we’ve done aces 😀

  18. Well said Heidi.

  19. No offence intended to SG, and with all due respect to “Louise”, I wonder if it’s possible to confirm somehow that this woman truly is her (photo was removed, but how would one know if it was legitimate?). I think that would be joyful for the fans in itself, even if she would rather protect her privacy. Yes, this video is so much fun, and it really lifts the spirits!

  20. Nice trend and fun Video. Always one of my favorites.

    There was another video from that time that haunts me that I can only vaguely remember. It was early 80’s set in an English Town in the Streets, lots of dancing and cool new wave styling. Anyone have a idea? Thanks

  21. I for one feel the video would not have stuck with me if it were not for her. It is truly amazing that a few seconds could make such a huge, lasting, impact.

  22. The photo was removed from public eye, but can anyone send me the picture of her? I want to see it so bad.

    By the way, what’s wrong with the facebook page? I get “This content is currently unavailable”.

  23. I have a few more photos of her that she said she didn’t mind me showing people. However, after chatting with the owner of the Facebook group a month or so ago we decided it was best to leave those on hold…especially as ‘Louise’ and myself where somewhat inebriated at the time that ‘Louise’ agreed to have the photos released. Needless to say, those two photos HAVE been seen by the owner of Facebook group and if he’s reading this, can you please contact me via Facebook again!

  24. Oh, I forgot to mention…when the original photo was release some people showed there true colours on the Facebook group and turned out not only to be hypocrites but also somewhat creepy and sinister. That was another deciding factor in not making the photos public. Well done you…you know who you are.

  25. SG, I understand the reasons. But this is just wrong. Should all fans suffer if some of them are unworthy persons? What should a good guy like me (or any other true fan) do to see these photos?

  26. @Leo – Suffer?! She’s alive and well – she knows about her small fan base and she sometimes comes here and reads the comments. Surely that’s enough?!

  27. @SG. Well, most of us don’t know how she looks exactly. Videos are really old and blurred.

    • @Leo – She’s got the same face…she’s just a little bit older but she still smiles all the time!

        • Leo
        • Posted September 28, 2011 at 15:56
        • Permalink

        Alright, alright, I get it. Not a chance. Of course I understand that she’s a bit older. She’s older than my mother. But I’d like to see her anyway. I’m sure, her eyes and the smile are still the same.

        But I’m glad she’s well and lives a happy life. And that she smiles all the time. I don’t know why she doesn’t like to be reminded of those times. But she lifts my mood sky high every time I see her in “Safety Dance” and “I Like” videos. That should mean something, if she made many lives happier.

  28. @SG – I don’t think you need to worry about the FB group owner, he’s made the group so secret I doubt even the NSA could find it lol…

    I didn’t realize there was more than one photo, the only one I ever saw was a tiny thumbnail about a half inch wide where one could barely make out a human shape lol.

    Anyway, I agree with MJ, I don’t think the video itself would ever have made quite as big an impact if it weren’t for “Louise” – she had such an amazing, effervescent perfromance that I think if you ask anyone what they remember most from the video they would vaguely recall the bubbly blonde gal dancing her heart out. You can’t help but think of her and smile, so it’s actually very fitting that she always has a smile on her face 🙂

  29. While waiting for proceedings, I’d like to thank you all guys.
    Somehow pleasant to be in a group 😉

  30. You people actually believe this guy?

  31. Hola a todos…I just want all you lunatica-girl fans to know that she´s got another fan down here in Guadalajara (México); I just really love that song…and I agree that this “Louise” blonde señorita makes the video seem so interesting! I´d really apreciate if I could some more data and maybe a photo. Hasta luego….

    • Hola Pedro, me alegro de saber que hay fan de Louise ahí en México también!
      Tienes que esperar un poco… No se si hay esperanzas de saber o ver más de Louise.
      Keep in touch.

  32. I was 9 when this video came out. It was always a favorite of mine, and I have to agree with most the other posts that this girl made the video. Although everyone enjoys the “where are they now” bit, there’s really nothing wrong with keeping it in the past and simply remembering if for what it was.

    She is her own person and I’m sure she’s sick and tired of hearing “The girl from the Safety Dance video” line. Would you like to be known as a single thing instead of what you are? I don’t know her story but I certainly don’t blame her for not wanting to remember those days. For all we know, she had dreams and they were ruined due to typecast.

    That’s just my 2 cents. Other than that, I’m happy to just remember a few seconds of “Lousie” dancing and making silly faces. I don’t dwell on it, it’s just a nice childhood memory for me.

    Thank you, “Lousie”.

  33. Hey “Louise” you did “make” that video. Well, you and the strange dance move. I always thought you had that “spark”. The video brings back good memory’s of my teenage years. Feel good Ms L- your image is engrained in every mans brain over the age of 38. You are probably AS recognizable (in that video) as Madonna or Michael Jackson. You should embrace your fame. Did you go on to do modeling or what? Well, anyway, hope your life was good?

  34. And here in Vancouver, another fan is hoping to find her and tell her she’s admired. Perhaps we all wish we can dance as if no one is watching. She dances like stress is a foreign word. We’re all too stressed?

  35. Wow it’s amazing that I found this place, I am yet another fan who wants to know more about her. I hope that facebook group will be up and running again, ’cause we all here have her in common and that is awesome.

  36. Hard to believe that all I had to do was type “Girl in the Sa” and Google knew I was aksing about the girl in the safety dance video and brought me here. Now that we know her name, and that she says “dancez” is there no mystery left?

  37. UPDATE
    Greg, the admin of the “Blonde Girl” Facebook group, says the group is back online.
    Opened for new joiners!!

    Read through the post for details.

  38. Her name i believe is Louise Lecavalier, and she has done quite well for herself from what i gather

    Hope this helps


    • Hi Dave,
      thank you for sharing this (whoknowsifitstrue) information.
      Are you a friend of her currently?

        • Dave
        • Posted December 7, 2011 at 16:38
        • Permalink

        Nope i recently recognised her in another music video, one of which she is credited for. Im not 100% sure if the info i have given is accurate but the pictures on her website seem to show a distinct likeness with the person in the safety dance music video.

        Hope this helps


    • I’m pretty sure you do not now anything about her at all.

      Now? I leave…too many weirdos.

  39. I don’t think that’s her, myself – there’s a physical resemblance especially with the long blonde hair, but I’m pretty sure “Louise” is British, that girl is French Canadian (and still resides there). Nice detective work though.

  40. Louise, just wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all your followers here. Be safe and be happy1

  41. Hey everyone,

    I am the creator/moderator of the Facebook fan page. (also note, any earlier posts on this specific page by “Greg” are from someone other than me).

    Anyway I did correspond with “SG” a few months ago on Facebook. I am fully convinced that the picture(s) he sent me are indeed of “Louise”. SG did reiterate that she has been WELL aware of her cult following but is not proud of the video and perhaps other work in that era, therefore does not want to be identified. Knowing this, I personally intend to demonstrate respect for her privacy. Furthermore that’s why I closed the group to the public for a while. I just wanted the fervor in the group to die down and change the premise from being a quest to find her to more of just a simple fan page. Nevertheless,I hope she does decide to reveal herself at some point. 🙂 I’ve since reopened the group to the public, so feel free to join…

    SG, I’ve sent you several messages on Facebook in recent months and you haven’t acknowledged any of them. So I find it odd to see a post on here (scrolling up on this page) dated September 27 saying that you want me to contact you. Nevertheless if you want to get in touch with me, just reply to any of those messages.

  42. I think if she ever did decide to “reveal” herself online she could do so while still keeping her identify private – just being able to chat with her would be awesome 🙂

    I’ve always wondered if they played the music for the actors during the shoot, or if they essentially winged it – she might be able to shed some light on that 🙂

    • The Sound of Silence, dear Heidi.
      I’m quite losing the hope.
      Anyway it’s been a good adventure, thanks for posting, to you all!

  43. One thing that you can use to trace her. I am in the british horse community. andI think sombody says she loves her horses. Anybody who has horses will know at least ten others. Follow this lead. If so money buys privacy, large hedge rows and smoked glass in her Disco (think!). Try posting riding schools, tack shops and even equstrian vets (publicity hunger)

  44. Degree and Masters but cannot spell or use decent sentance construction with Blossom Hill, damn that vintage.

    • No way I can understand your comments Jas, anyway “money buys privacy” is quite far from what I call my own.
      Thanks for the clues anyway !

  45. She was about 25 in 1983, she must be now about 55… Maybe completely different… Maybe still a beauty.

    • Hi Reynald!
      Do you mean that you knew her in those years..?

  46. The way she dances to “ssss” is the most hypnotizing, enthralling thing I think I’ve ever seen . A testament to the producers and her. Way better music and video than the crap my generation is putting out. I apologize for them.

    • Well said, little Padawan.

      Anyway, under the ground, some good music is still alive; we should let some time pass to appreciate it.

  47. we just could ask about her identity at the protagonists of that video.

    • Roberto, do you really believe we didn’t try that..?
      Greg and I found her in the end anyway, eventually.
      She seemed not really euphoric of this, so we decided not to shout it out loud.

  48. ok tk . maby she s not very proud of what she did but i d like her know the fact that when i feel sad or angry and i watch her in that video my soul smiles and i feel quikly better

  49. I remember the first time I saw Safety Dance on MTV. I was watching with friends and the video started. Early in the short video (0:41/2:43), the manic dancer made her goofy face and I gasped out loud “OH!” Yes, she was/is pretty, but MTV was filled with pretty faces. It was the giddy playfulness that grabbed my heart hard. At this moment, my friends all turned to me and saw my face, pointed, and laughed. “AHA! Charles has a girlfriend!” I was painfully shy at the time, hiding all of my emotions and it didn’t help that I turned crimson red. When I look back at my long term ex-girlfriends, most of them had that giddy, creative, uninhibited spark. If SG is right and she is embarrassed about these moments of her life, it really makes me sad. Please don’t be. Your moment holds up well, better than most of those 80’s moments. So, to you, dancer, my first MTV crush, Be bold, be giddy, and keep dancing.

    • Don’t really mind what SG said, Charles.
      Anyway, nice funny story indeed, thanks for posting.

  50. just sent an email to the Chippenham Town Morris Men , it seems that they have been part of the video and maybe they could help. if i get an answer i will post it.

  51. I really loved her free spiritedness in the video. She made me want to see more of her dancing. She was a lovely girl, and made me want to save the video, mainly because of her.

  52. The Men Without Hats Facebook page has named her as Louise Court, the current editor of Cosmopolitan UK

    • yes is louise court i saw many of her photos on google . she s still a nice woman. think its all over now

  53. Yes Roberto, guess it’s over now..
    It’s been a nice journey, guys.
    Live in Peace, Louise: come here and write to us at some time (at least for Xmas) 😉

  54. I was dancing with ‘Louise’ last night in a pub. I spoke to her about ‘the video’ and the band’s Facebook reveal; oh how she chuckled! When I next see her I might try to coax her into another photo (but without us being so inebriated).

  55. There are tons of recent photos of her on Google and she is beautiful.

    Have a nice day.

  56. I wonder if there’re still pictures taken during making the video. It would be so great to see them.
    Any idea who could have them?
    And greetings to SG ( or LC). Could you share some memories from the time the clip was made? PLEASE!!! 🙂

  57. Louise Court. Someone even called her out on her twitter page (circa 2011) asking if it was her in the video and she replied ‘guilty’.

  58. hello how are you! happens to me caught my attention the identity of the beautiful blonde girl video “the safety dance” I also declare myself a fan of this blonde louise mysterious call that gives you a great touch to the video, I never tire of watching the video! ! louise also have a fan in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico! greetings!!

  59. I totally had a crush on her when I saw the videos and still do….
    It would be nice to talk to her….
    I think people overblow things and the fact this reached insane levels is a bit weird.
    I have seen recent pics of her and she is very beautiful
    I think people have to get past that she was the lunatic dancer and accept that she is
    a professional career woman now…..
    I do have to say it would be very cool if she was dancing in front of me right now…..
    Because deep down, she STILL has a little bit of the Lunatic Dancing Girl in her

  60. No FN WAY!!!! … In the back of my mind since I was a kid in those days i had always wondered who she was!! In fact I asked a girl out on date because she had that bohemian girl in the Safety Dance Video. I thought I was the only twisted F around!!!

  61. OMG!! My case is similar. I want to know WHO is the bass girl in Pop Goes The World video!! That video and the song are sooooooo cute, the toddler (keyboards), the snowman and Elvis, i love it since i was a teenager. Please help me!! is Louise the same girl? I just want to know if she is alive and happy!!
    A MWH fan from Bolivia, the poorest country in South America

    • Hey Abel, I’m quite sure that little girl in the video of “Pop Goes The World” isn’t Louise. 🙂
      I’m done with MWH-video-dancers-hunting now so… good luck!

      Post back here if you’ll find something 🙂

        • Duden
        • Posted October 27, 2016 at 08:18
        • Permalink

        I always wondered why would MWH keep silence about her for 30 yrs? Watching video safety dance at some occasions Ican glances at Louise. My personal theory is that they were in a short relationship at that time. The music video was shot in summer 1982 which would mean Ivan would be 20 yrs old (born oct -61) and Louse 21 or 22, ( she was 48 yrs in 2008 –se, that would give her birtdate in 1960). So both were young , good looking, so why not a summer romance?

    • Arilson FROM BRAZIL PT-BR!!!
    • Posted December 28, 2016 at 13:12
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    Parabéns por ter descoberto! Alguns podem achar que e bobagem mas acho maravilhoso e uma explosão de sentimento poder resolver um mistério, especialmente sobre uma garota que no clip estava absolutamente encantadora com seu jeito de dançar tão alegre e sexy! Obrigado!! Muito obrigado!!!

  62. I know who she is she is louise court

  63. FACT – it wasn’t Louise Court. Her name is Benita Von Sass, a model at the time from Canada working in the UK. I believe it was just another job for her, not a big deal for her at the time.

    • Hey Marrp, thanks for sharing. Any more evidence about this fact of yours?

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