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Monthly Archives: March 2011

PJ Harvey’s new album Let England Shake. Listen to it.

Go and see her gigs.

There are a multitude of options open to the modern rock star wishing to announce to the world that they have embarked on a new album. You can give interviews, allow webcams into your studio, offer a free download as a taster. Or you can appear on Andrew Marr’s Sunday morning politics show in a feathered headdress, playing the autoharp over an incessant, off-key sample of the Four Lads’ 1953 hit Istanbul (Not Constantinople), while a nonplussed Gordon Brown looks on.

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[from SANS NewsBites Vol. 13 Num. 19]

–UK Cyber Security Challenge Winner Named
(March 7, 2011)
The winner of the first UK Cyber Security Challenge is Dan Summers, a
postman who once worked in IT.  Summers said he is considering moving
into cyber security as a profession.  Coming in second place was Stuart
Rennie, a 17-year-old student.  The contest started in July 2010, and
the field of contestants was eventually winnowed down to the top 25
competitors who competed in the final round.  Registration for the next
Cyber Challenge opens on March 28.
[Editor’s Note (Skoudis): This is a great, feel-good story, showing that
really solid infosec talent is available in sometimes unexpected places.
Challenges are proving very useful in identifying people with impressive
skills.  I was honored to support the UK Cyber Challenge, and wish to
congratulate the winners!
(Schultz): I do not think that the winner of this contest will need to
try very hard to find a job in information security.
(Honan): Well done to Mr. Summers on a great achievement.  I find it
interesting to see that the top two places in this challenge went to a
postman and a student and not to professionals within the industry.  It
highlights how we need to expand our thinking when looking at hiring
people to work within infosec. ]

You *cannot* begin a cartoon movie with this scene.