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  1. Hi there,

    I saw your posts on the link about the Safety Dance and the ensuing thread about the identity of the blonde in the video:

    Anyway, I’d like to share notes with someone like you as I’m trying to piece together this mystery myself.

    I left an anonymous comment late this evening on the guanolad blog but it hasn’t been approved just yet..

    Anyway, drop me a line sometime if you wouldn’t mind and we’ll see if we can figure this thing out!


    Greg H.

  2. hi Greg,
    I just read your post on guanolad’s blog: I appreciate your strains!
    I did also some research as you may have read but without much success.

    Yes, I’d really love to know how that suzieq managed to get those information, and I hope she’s not faking.

    We need to let our blonde woman know that we exist, she’d be glad to know that she has a little fan club, I think.

  3. It was also mentioned that the blonde is in her “mid forties”. Sounds kind of young to me. The vid came out in 1983. So if she’s 45 years old, that means she was 18 when it was filmed. To me, she looks well into her twenties so she’s probably a bit older.

    Anyway, let me know if you find anything and I’ll let you know if I come up with anything as well.

  4. Mh. I want to believe, really. When I first asked about this girl, I was thinking it would have been a kinda common question but it’s actually very hard to get the answer!

    Unfortunately this suzieq seems to have left no contact to us, I really hope she’s answering in guanolad’s blog.

    Keep in touch.

    • I’d love to believe that someone knows that her name is indeed Louise and lives in London. That would be a great help. So far I can’t find any info to validate it. I’ve yet to receive any reply back from the Bananarama camp or the director.

      Many people who have seen the video, consider it to be strange and are critical of it. The blonde’s character is indeed pretty goofy (VH1 pop up video mentioned that Ivan’s role was the Pied Piper[leading people to a place where they can dance], the dwarf was the court jester and the blonde was the town ‘fool’.

      If this was early in her acting career and she went on to do more serious roles, she may be embarrassed by it. I’ve read where some actors cringe at some of their earlier work, especially if it was poor quality low budget type films.

      But, I’ll press on in my spare time. Maybe over time with persistence we can find her. And hopefully she won’t be embarrassed by the attention and adulation. πŸ™‚

  5. I contacted the Bananarama’s too, without any answer.

    Yes the role of the town ‘fool’ is pretty goofy but, I really got striked at the first glance of her jumping out of the video saying “Dansez!”.

    We must find her, suzieq’s still not answering however.

    Who’s left to contact.. the dwarf?

    • I agree, I the first glance of her when she jumps into frame, you can tell she’s really beautiful.

      I guess we pursue contacting the dwarf. His name is Mike Edmonds. I couldn’t find a personal/official website per se, but there is a blog of his but it’s updated so seldom that there are years between posts. Here it is:

  6. Uh wow, quite a desolation of a blog.
    We can try to leave a comment however.
    Who knows.

    Did you already leave one?

    • I looked around the site and couldn’t find a place to leave a message or send a message. There may be a way but I may just be overlooking it.

      If you see a place to leave a message or send a message to Mike, let me know.

  7. Mh, it seems that really no comment could be left there.
    Suzieq’s not answering yet.

  8. Hello again,

    I created a fan page/group on Facebook for the blonde in the video. I took 7 reasonably flattering stillframes of her from the video and uploaded them to the group as well as paragraph about the video.

    Since Facebook is the premier social networking site, maybe she’ll get wind of this page and reveal her identity. I thought it was worth a shot. So please join the page if you’d like!

    Have a merry Christmas!

    • Me gusta! En mi moto tengo que mantener apretado el botón del intermitente para que funcione, con esto solo pulsando funciona, no tendría que mantener, que a veces es coplricado.Gmacias!!

  9. Great! Absolutely, I’m a fool I didn’t think about this chance yet.
    Tell me the name of the page please, I’ll join it for sure.

    Have a happy Christmas too. πŸ˜‰

  10. the name is “Fans of the girl in the Safety Dance Video”. I checked the settings on the page and it is open to the public so it should be easy to find.

    About a week ago I noticed that someone had created a fan page for the “midget in the safety dance video”. So if HE has a fan page, she should also. πŸ™‚

  11. Absolutely! What the hell.

    Well done Greg, but actually it seems that your page is not easy to find.
    Let’s first add each other, I’m “Piero Campa”.

  12. I changed the settings on the group so everyone should be able to find it (not sure if it makes any difference but it’s a “group” and not a “page”.

    Also, I changed my privacy settings so you should be able to find me. It’s listed as Greg ‘Hager’ Hagerman.

    I looked for you but found more than one “Piero Campa”

    • Hello Greg,
      just letting you know I (temporarily?) left Facebook, but I’m still here.

      The “fans of the girl etc.” group had its first member πŸ˜€
      Please alert me whether some new precious info comes out.

      Please give me the link of the group, I’ll advertise it into my blog (I have almost 0 readers however why not try)

  13. Hi Greg!
    Ok I posted the link in the comment sections of the post.

    ..Any news from the Facebook group? New members?

    • Thanks.

      No news; I don’t have any new info on the identity of the girl. The group has only one other member, but hopefully more people will join. πŸ™‚

  14. Piero,

    I found this today after doing a search of “Tim Pope”, the director of the video, and “safety dance”.

    Here is a link that has some commentary by Tim,as well as a picture of him on set. Apparently he has regrets about the theme of the video. That may explain why he did not return my email that I sent him. No other info, but I’m still digging.

    ps one additional person joined the Facebook page.

    • Good! Let the group grow.

      I just now wrote a message to Tim Pope too, maybe he’s going to answer some day.
      Damn it, he was mentioning all these people involved in the video, but not HER.

      Greetings to the FB fans πŸ˜‰
      Keep in touch.

  15. Piero,

    I’m getting to see MWH in a month, they are playing at a club in Houston, where I live!

    • What the HELL!?
      GOD, can I say: “I hate you” ?
      I’m quite envious Greg. πŸ™‚ Anyway, good chance to have a good concert, even if I think that MWH cannot offer much more than the Safety Dance.
      Do you think you are going to have the chance to speak with them? I mean, to seek some more info about our blonde lunatic girl?

        • Greg
        • Posted February 21, 2011 at 06:33
        • Permalink

        haha. I agree with you that I’m only there for the Safety Dance. I bought Rhythm of Youth on iTunes and there were a few okay songs but nothing great.

        They are playing at a club in Houston- so I imagine I may get to meet them. I’m curious as to how many people will show up. I’m Facebook friends with the lead singer and he’s responded to some comments and not responded to others, but hopefully since it’s a small venue, they’ll at least sign autographs.

        There is a small chance that I won’t be able to make the concert, as my nephew’s 2nd birthday party is that day. I don’t know just yet what time the party will be but hopefully I can make it to the venue on time.

  16. Let me know then, Greg.
    Let the chances be with you.

  17. Hi Greg,
    any news?
    When is the concert of the MWH?
    As you can see I wrote a post on our blonde girl: any new fan? Nah… πŸ™‚

    • Hey!

      The concert is March 20th. I hope to get some pictures and maybe some video at the concert. If I do I’ll send you the link once they are uploaded.

      There are a total of 4 members in the Safety Dance Girl page on Facebook (including me). Hopefully we’ll get more members over time.



  18. Piero,

    Got back from the MWH concert a bit ago. here is the video I took of Safety Dance! I got meet Ivan briefly after the show and got my picture with him too.


    • Holy great!
      Can you give me the photo? I’d like to have it. “Greg and Ivan”.
      What did you tell him?! πŸ™‚
      Any news about the blonde woman.. ?
      New people on the Facebook group?

        • Greg H.
        • Posted March 23, 2011 at 21:04
        • Permalink

        After the show, the club played music loud enough it was difficult to have a conversation, so it was really nothing more than “Ivan, could I get a picture with you?”

        I’m at my parents’ house right now but will be home in a day or so..once I get back I’ll email you the picture of Ivan and me and send another one that I took of him on stage.

        I ran across another couple who are major MWH fans and they’ve also interacted with Ivan on his Facebook page. They asked Ivan about the identity of the girl and he said he finally had so many requests that he emailed the “Bananarama camp” asking who she is. He had previously stated that the girl was an actress and/or model and a friend of Bananarama.

        We are up to 11 people in the Safety Dance Girl Facebook page now. πŸ™‚

  19. Piero,

    I don’t have your email address and can’t find it on your wordpress page. Drop me a line and I’ll send you the concert pics.

    [I’m getting increasing visits to the Safety Dance Girl post from Google searches]

    • cool. the SD girl FB group is up to 18 now..

  21. Cool.
    Hope some of them will bring useful information..


    • There has been very little ‘chatter’ on the fan page, but it will only take one person to come forward and say “I know her!”.

      Also, did you get the pictures I emailed you? Only reason I ask is that I attached several pictures and the files were quite big. Some email domains have size limits on size attachments and such.

  22. Actually I didn’t receive any email from you, it seems.
    But you should have been alerted of any refusal made by my inbox..
    Anyway.. try again!

    I can see from my dashboard that many people googles for the “girl from the safety dance video”, and many of them are then forwarded to the Facebook group.

    Hope that the chances are with us.

    • ok, I’ll send you a few emails with only 1 or 2 pictures attached to each.

  23. oh shit…I emailed them to piero.campO@gmail instead of piero.campA@gmail. I’ll send them to the correct address soon!

  24. I sent Ivan a message earlier tonight, asking if he had heard back from the Bananarama ‘camp’ on the girl’s identity. He replied back saying that he still hasn’t heard back from them yet.

  25. Damn it. Something is telling me that he will never do that..
    Anyway, I received your photos! So cool πŸ˜‰

    • do you think he never contacted them to begin with? I see on the MWH Facebook page and Ivan’s page that they get a lot of ongoing questions about the girl, so it’s probably driving them nuts. I’m hoping they get so tired of the questions, that Ivan will try to find out. We’ll see.

  26. 26 members now (including me)

  27. Good.
    Here everyday people is googleing for “chick in the safety dance video”…
    Any useful information on the board?

    • Unfortunately, there hasn’t been anything new posted on the board. Yesterday I posted something (stuff you and I already know) just saying that Ivan contacted the Bananarama camp but has yet to hear back.

      • Ok, I was guessing it.
        Keep me on track. πŸ˜‰

    • 34 members now.

      • Great.
        The post on the blonde girl is by far the most visited here (if not almost the only one .. ).
        The growth in the FB group is a good sign, maybe related to the current MWH tour ?

        I’m wondering whether putting this picture [ ] as the group picture could be helpful for better clearing our actual purposes, as well as being a funny snapshot πŸ˜‰

  28. 40 members now!

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I think the current picture for the time being.

  29. 44 members now. Seems like there has been one person a day joining for the past week or more.

    • Great!!
      Are people writing stuff?

        • Greg
        • Posted May 13, 2011 at 16:43
        • Permalink

        There is a little bit of chatter but nothing major. Facebook is the process of making a new format for groups. And for some reason, in the wake of that, more people are chatting. It’s mainly comments like “I’m in love with this girl”. One guy commented that he worked for a radio station in Los Angeles, and got to see the video before it aired on MTV.

  30. 52 members!

  31. 60 members now. Had about 8 or 9 people join just this afternoon.

  32. 68 members. Nothing too new. One member created a note, to try to consolidate potential contacts or leads. I attached several comments summarizing all the essentials but that’s about it.

    • Ok, hope that will a little patience something will come out of the surface.
      Keep on updating me please, thank you Greg.

  33. 73 members now.
    We have a few people who have joined recently and they are looking really hard. One guy emailed the Chippenham Morris dancers to ask them; they replied saying they didn’t know who she was but they have gotten a lot of email over the years about the video.
    Also, one member emailed Tim Pope and he heard back saying that he remembers the girl was called Louise and that she was a friend of the girl he was dating at the time. I think that’s all he said in the email, but I have to believe he is correct, so hopefully it is indeed true and this will help us find out more!

    • Great!
      These are far more detailed info we ever reached… The power of community.
      So we have a name ! –> LOUISE <–
      Keep on.

  34. Piero, consider joining Facebook again. There has been a lot more activity lately; one guy has contacted all sorts of people and organizations who have had some connection with the video. I get the feeling that we are going to find out who she is sometime soon. And if you didn’t want to reopen your previous Facebook account, you can always create another one that no one knows about, then join the group, so you can watch and/or participate.

    • Damn it, surprisingly great news Greg!
      I’m excited !
      I won’t join Facebook again but please keep me updated for every important news, if you can.

      You could also try to make this Group “Public” to people outside Facebook, so that they can view it.
      Take a look at this page [ ], you may find a way.
      It’s something about turning the Group to “Published” without “Age Restrictions” etc.

  35. I looked the page but can’t find any relevant settings to change on the group. Some people mention the settings for ‘pages’ rather than groups, so maybe that’s why I can’t find the settings for that. Either way, I’ll try to make it visible to the public, if possible.

    • Ok thank you Greg,
      if it’s not possible, then I will knock on your door regularly for important news. πŸ˜‰
      Have a skype contact?

        • Greg
        • Posted June 25, 2011 at 04:44
        • Permalink

        unfortunately I don’t have a Skype account or a video camera. But feel free to email me. Also, I looked again at the wiki article on Bananarama. There have been 2 or more members that have been with the band and since left. One named Siobhan Fahey was a founding member and left in 1988. She is still a popular musician with a band called Shakespear’s Sister. I went to their website and filled out their ‘contact form’, addressing it to Siobhan, asking who the girl is. I went on to explain that the blonde has a cult following and a fan page on Facebook. I’ll keep you updated. Also, Jacquie O’Sullivan was a member from 1988-1991 but I can’t find any current contact info (or general info for that matter) on the internet. However since she joined 5 years after the SD vid was shot, she may or may not know the girl who may or may not be named Louise. πŸ™‚

  36. Greg, thanks so much for this site. For years I’ve been trying to find out the identity of the Safety Dance girl and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who would like to know who she is. One of my friends reminded me of her, because she has that same kind of energy, except she’s a brunette. I used to dance like her back in the 80s when the song came out. She is so animated! I’d like to join your FB group too.

  37. Thank you Cinnamon for this comment!
    It’s good when you share the same things like we do for the Safety Dance girl. !
    Go and join the FB group!!

  38. Piero,
    Currently, things are at a stand-still. The recently flurry of info didn’t reveal much, except the possibility/probability that her first name was Louise. Today I thought that perhaps this girl is thanked or mentioned in the early discography of Bananarama. (Since MWH maintains that all they remember about her is that she was a friend of theirs). Since it’s common for bands to thank friends and family in the liner notes, I’d like to think she is mentioned in one of them. It’s a long shot. I’m trying to find a jpg of the liner notes from the first couple of albums to see if by chance there is any mention of Louise.

    Aside from that, we are up to 94 members.

  39. Good point Greg,
    did you find some Bananarama cover scan on the web already?
    (It’s really cool to see that 94 persons joint the group)

  40. I found a talent agency for dwarfs and they list Mike Edmond on there. Here is the link I haven’t written/emailed them yet, but you may want to write them, too. Wouldn’t it be something if Mike Edmond remembers her and or has kept up with her?

  41. 100 members.
    No significant chatter on the boards. But one new member was alleging that ‘Louise’ was the same girl as in the “I Like” video. I disagree though–I mean obviously she’s meant to look like the girl from the Safety Dance video but I don’t think it’s the same person. I emailed Ivan asking him so we’ll see if he writes back.

  42. Since my last comment here earlier today..Ivan wrote back and said it IS the same girl in the I Like video. And Tim Pope also directed it too. I told him about the group in one of my earlier messages but he didn’t say anything about it πŸ™‚ Hopefully we’ll hear something back from Mike Edmonds

    • Oh God!
      She really seems the same girl, and indeed she is then!
      I am receiving no answer from dwarfs4hire though.
      Do you have any hope that Mike or Tim will write?

        • Greg
        • Posted July 26, 2011 at 18:24
        • Permalink

        At least one other person has written dwarfs4hire. And another person found Mike’s agent and recently sent an actual letter through the mail. I’m really hoping that Mike Edmonds will respond.

        A guy named Jim found some info about the company that produced the MWH videos– it was called GLO productions. It’s not in business anymore but Jim found the name of a lady who worked for GLO at the time the MWH vids were produced. Furthermore, he found her on Linkedin dot com, but you have to be a paying member of Linkedin to send her a message.

        We’ll keep on digging and I’ll keep you updated!

  43. Ah, very good, let’s hope that Mike will respond, at least at the mail!
    The Facebook group is active then.

    Compliments and thanks to you all Greg, thank you for keeping me updated.

    [Good news from here too: still 10-20 users a day search for the “blonde chick in the safety dance video” and some of them reach the Facebook group]

  44. I was in a pub with ‘Louise’ last night and I know her well. I even managed to get a quick photo:

    • SG, why did you take the photo down so quickly?

  45. Dam this has bugged me for years
    any chance of re post of the pic

    • It may be, it’s a kind of in between moment. Waiting for possible forthcoming news.

  46. PIero, I opened up the Facebook page once again for new members!

    • Hi Greg!
      Good, I approve. I am going to alert the other commenters! πŸ˜‰

        • Greg
        • Posted December 27, 2011 at 22:51
        • Permalink

        We are up to 94 members. Typically having around 1 new member per day.

  47. We are up to 116 members now. Not much chatter these days though.

    • Maybe we’re close to saturation. πŸ˜‰
      Here I see 20 to 30 visits to the post each day on average, mainly due to Google searches.

      • 131 members… there has been some more chatter recently and i’m not sure if I let you know about it…I’ll check to see what my last email to you contained.

      • Hi Greg!’re not sure of what..?

  48. I know for a 100% fact that the lunatic blonde in the video is in fact Louise Court, current editor of Cosmopolitan UK magazine.

    • Hi,
      thanks for sharing!
      Where would this “100%” come from?

  49. My sister shares a flat at uni with Louise’s son πŸ™‚

  50. The power and fascination of the internet continues to amaze me. I started out sorting through my CD’s here at home, and found “Weird Al” Yankovic’s ‘3-D’…I got to “The Brady Bunch”, and remembered how much I loved Men Without Hats, so I drifted over to the computer, and got on YouTube to bring up their “Safety Dance” video….from there, well…I had always been curious about what ‘the mystery girl’ shouts out after “we can dance”…so I Googled it, and then I saw a bunch of links from people who were asking who the blonde girl was, and then I eventually landed here, on your blog….I’m 41, and this may sound completely nuts, but one of my all time life’s questions has been answered, thanks to you and your incredible research. We now know who the blonde girl is. Thank You-Thank You-Thank You!!!!!!
    Next on your agenda is to find out who is, and whatever happened to, the ‘Pop Goes The World’ baby….LOL!! Have a great day!

    • Thanks @bluemoods71 πŸ˜‰
      Seemingly the blonde girl hypnotic power has infected a llllooot of people around this world, 80% of them googling for the “blonde chick in safety dance video”, lool.

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