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Delicious ending song of Spiderland by the Slint.
Sit back, and enjoy.

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Something overwhelmingly evil lies in the Chrome music.

“I Chrome sono così testardamente underground che quelli che ne hanno sentito parlare nutrono forti dubbi sulla loro reale esistenza.”

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They say they are the connection between progressive and post-punk.
I say they are fucking apocalypse.

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You really wouldn’t believe it.
The whole album Door Door (1979) is worth listening, surprisingly.  !
The succeeding album will be The Birthday Party (1980). That’s all.

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Johnny Rotten, the father of punk.
Take a bow.

Think about reading his book No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs.

may the road rise with you

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Among the tens of sacred songs created by Davis & Co., this one may have not received the attention it deserves.

No more, he’s rid of you… you’rrrrrrrre a DYKE!

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“Exoskeletal – junction at the railroad delayed”

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Marilyn Manson was my medicine.

I’m dying, I hope you’re dying too.

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An outtake from Adore. I always love to sing along.

An outtake.

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