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Da SANS NewsBites Vol.14, Num.84:

 –Study Says Filesharers Buy More Music Online
(October 15 & 17, 2012)
According to a study from The American Assembly, people who
engage in filesharing are more likely to buy music online than
non-filesharers. While the music collections of filesharers are larger
than those of non-filesharers, largely due to free downloading and
copying music from friends and family, filesharers have a rate of
online music purchase that outstrips that of non-filesharers by
30 percent.


From SANS Newsbites newsletter:

–Swiss Federal Council Downplays Filesharing Concerns
(December 5, 2011)
A report from Switzerland’s Federal Council, compiled at the request of
the country’s legislature, says that illegal filesharing is not a
significant problem. The report rejects three proposals aimed at
combating the issue: a three-strikes plan, similar to that codified in
France; Internet filtering; and a collective licensing plan that would
allow unlimited filesharing for a fee. The report says that consumers
still spend money on entertainment products, and that filesharing is a
concern only for “large foreign production companies,” which need to
adapt their business models to include consumer behavior instead of
trying to push for legislation that seeks to maintain an outdated

Fuck yes.